Welcome to the Laser Mindset Coaching Method

Our revolutionary new mental strength system takes you through intensely personalised , high impact training, in just 15 minutes a day. (Plus Assignments)

Laser Mindset Coaching Method Exposed - Get More Details Here Book a Discovery Call With Our Coaching Team

Supercharging Your Motivation for Massive Results

Our Training Works.

Try it and see for yourself how quickly you see improvements.

No knowledge required, simply watch the video, listen to the Mp3, and complete the assignment


Change Your Results Now!

Smash Your Personal Best

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

This sample session will help you overcome hidden fears, pre-race anxiety and transform your swimming performances.

Imagine how much stronger you would feel without the weight of fear and doubt dragging you back.


The Next Steps to a Personal Best

PEDAL Power - The Most Exciting Mental Skills Training on the Planet.

Our Flagship 90 Day Transformation Programme, 

This programme comes with  a unique series of 12 x 5 day challenges, backed by the option of unlimited 15 minute Laser Coaching Calls.

It creates truly exceptional results and is limited to a maximum of 20 people at any time.

Take it to Your Ultimate Limits

Have You Heard of Micro Goals?

If You improved 1% a day for 90 days, you would be on track to smash all your goals .

Our 90 day action plan helps you customise your goals into simple daily action steps, for maximum results.

Get 4X more done in your training year, Simply click the button below now for your free Goals Planner and check list.

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Recover Faster Through Our Guided Meditation.

Your muscles get bigger after training, through adaptation, and the magic happens while you are resting.

Mike has developed a series of simple guided meditations to help you recover quicker, and enjoy better, more refreshing sleep.

When coupled with our dynamic mental imagery, its as if you have doubled your training without increasing your training time.

Sounds impossible?  Click below to find out more.

I Want Better Sleep & Faster Recovery.

Lost Your Mojo?

Sport should be fun, smashing your performances the ultimate feelgood experience. If you have lost your way and don't know where to turn, WE CAN HELP


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